Voices of CQA - Northwest Quilt Expo 2018 Portland

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4 Elements by Lisa Jenni

A Hard Rain by Amy Lanset

Bandoneon by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Bulls Eye 1 by Colleen Wootton

Celestrial Triptych Ares Gaia Helios by Marissa Vignali

Fiddleheads by Marissa Vignali

Fractured Light by Barbara Kanaya

Harvest Moon by Tesi Vaara

Honeymoon by Lisa Jenni

Hope Always by Carolyn Burton

Jantar Mantar Revisited by Ruth Vincent

Jerry's Leaves by Susan Smtih

Jurassic Ammonite by Sonia Grasvik

Kapow by Marilyn Lone

Last Hope California by Ginnie Hebert

Life Within II by Barbara Matthews

Lightening in the Storm by Susan Smtih

Magic Beans 2 Noonbeans by Stephanie Ostmann

Microscape by Carla Stehr

Moon Rings by Sonia Grasvik

Nudibranchs by Carla Stehr

Pleiades 7 Sisters become 7 Stars by Ruth Vincent

Seeking Sunlight by Christina Fairley Erickson

Serengeti Haze by Barbara Kanaya

Sew It Seams Like Autumn by Linda Devereaux

Shaman's Shield by Loraine Sample

South of the Border by Lisa Jenni

Stairway To Zen by Nicole McHale

Stripes n Checks by Sonia Grasvik

Tropical Delights by Loraine Sample

Trying to Stay Neutral by Ginnie Hebert

What I Want To Remember by Helen Remick

Yes No Maybe by Barbara Kanaya

Yukata Go To Japan by Nicole McHale