Who We Are: A group of fiber artists

Founded in 1986, Contemporary QuiltArt Association (CQA) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization comprising more than 100 artists in Washington state who are bound by their relationship to fiber art.

CQA's goals are to:
* educate the public and promote interest in the contemporary art quilt
* encourage both public and private collecting of the contemporary art quilt, and
* encourage and support contemporary quilt artists

As a group, CQA members are diverse in their design styles, choices of media and working techniques. The artists are not restricted by traditional definitions of quilting, but instead express thoughts and feelings through the medium of quilting. Materials used often go far beyond the traditional idea of cloth, and the resulting art pieces can range from postcard size to works that fill a wall—or even be three-dimensional. The only constant is that CQA members continue to expand the definition of the art quilt, especially as new materials and techniques are developed.

Monthly meetings are highlighted by speakers representing myriad areas of the fine-arts world, often beyond the fiber arts. Members learn from each other through a regular newsletter and "Showcase" presentations at the meetings.

See members’ work in the Exhibitions Gallery.

Learn more about the history of CQA and read our resumé of previous exhibitions and events.

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