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Harvest Moon by Tesi Vaara

Harvest Moon by Tesi Vaara

Artist Statement: This is the second quilt in my series on recovery from childhood sexual abuse and allows me to experiment with some surface design techniques while I work through some of the symptoms caused from the abuse. Each quilt in the series will gain more color as I heal.

Materials & Techniques: I design my tile quilts onto a piece of paper the size of the finished quilt, drawing all the tile shapes in the directions I want them to go. I like to use Radiance (silk/cotton blend) for my background fabric because I like the sheen it creates under the tiles. This piece contains commercial fabrics and unique Gelli plate printed fabrics using acrylic paints. Using one pattern piece, each tile is individually handcut from fused fabric, then machine stitched onto the Radiance.

Dimensions: 39 x 32

Photographer: Tesi Vaara