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Nudibranchs by Carla Stehr

Nudibranchs by Carla Stehr

Artist Statement: I make fiber art to express my passion for marine life, especially smaller creatures that may be easily overlooked. These white-lined dorids are nudibranchs; snails without shells that display colorful cerata or "naked gills" on their back. Anemones, coralline algae, cup corals and snails are also in this tide pool.

Materials & Techniques: Cotton fabric and wool batting were raw edge appliqued and free motion quilted. For the nudibranchs and anemones, silk organza was fused to Misty Fuse, and cut with a heat tool, painted, then fused and appliqued to quilt. The cup corals were stuffed with batting and hand sewn. Hand embroidery was added using silk ribbon and a variety of threads.

Dimensions: 18 x 31

Photographer: Carla Stehr