Natural Geometries 2019

Natural Geometries is an exploration of inspiration found in natural forms.  A total of 46 works by 26 artists are represented in this stunning display at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, at the Phyllis Lamphere Rotating Gallery from Oct. 10 2019 - Jan. 5, 2020.

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Ablaze by Geraldine Warner

Bamboo Tower by Margaret Liston

Calcium Chloride Crystal by Carolyn Maia Burton

Capitol Reef Erosion by Nicole McHale

Chaos Unleashed by Donna Dowdney

Chickadee Chat by Margaret Liston

Cloth Paper Flora by Ginnie Hebert

Daybreak by Stephanie Ostmann

Diatom 5 by Carla Stehr

Diatom Fiber Sculpture by Carla Stehr

Emerging by Barbara J. O'Steen

Eye of the Universe by Donna Dowdney

Fish Skin 2 by Carla Stehr

Flower Moon by Tesi Vaara

General Delivery II : "Hows Your Love Life? Mine's Rotten" by Lorraine Edmond

Girls in the Boat by Colleen Wootton

Green Daisy by Lisa Jenni

Hosta by Sonia Grasvik

Karma Chameleon by Marissa Vignali

Little Armored One by Sonia Grasvik

Mending the Gap by Lisa Jenni

Misty Morning by Linda Devereaux

Moonbeans by Stephanie Ostmann

Pacifist Rock Record 18 by Julie Drake

Pantanal Two by Barbara Kanaya

Park Pigeon by Margaret Liston

Pentamorph by Geraldine Warner

Pi in the Rye by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Pomegranate by Janet Darcher

PurpleWhiteGreen in Asymmetry Jacket by Barbara J. O'Steen

Quilt Artists DNA by Flora Dalglish

Shapes of Geomerty by Susan Smith

Sister Worlds Pale Orb I and II by Margaret Liston

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Linda Devereaux

Southwest Columns by Barbara Kanaya

Spiral Fantasy by Donna Dowdney

Spirogyra 4 by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Stairway to Zen by Nicole McHale

Tank Farm by Ginnie Hebert

The Path Less Followed by Kristi Leduc

The Same but Different by Susan Smith

Time and Again by Barbara J. O'Steen

Water, Earth, Fire and Air by Ruth Vincent

Yakima River Canyon by Christina Fairley Erickson

Yellowstone II by Ginnie Hebert