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Diatom Fiber Sculpture by Carla Stehr

Diatom Fiber Sculpture by Carla Stehr

Artist Statement: Diatoms are single-celled aquatic plants that can only be seen with a microscope. Each species has unique, exquisitely patterned cells walls made of silica with two sections that often fit together like a box and a lid. This fiber sculpture is similar to diatoms in the Family Achnanthaceae and is about 10,000 times larger than life.

Materials & Techniques: Openings were cut in stiff interfacing to resemble a pattern typically seen for diatoms in the Achnanthaceae Family. The interfacing was covered with cotton fabric, painted and stitched to underlying layers of cotton fabric and painted nonwoven polyester fabric (Lutradur) which also has patterned openings. The pieces were stitched together to form a box and lid-like structure. A cotton fabric pillow with polyester stuffing was made for the inside to suggest the cell cytoplasm and provide support for the fiber sculpture.

Dimensions: 27 x 15 x 6

Photographer: Carla Stehr