Joint Exhibition of Art Quilts from Brazil and CQA 2018


For the past 8 years CQA has been sending art quilts to the Patchwork Design show in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeria, Brazil to be exhibited side by side with Brazil quilt artists. This exhibit gives United States veiwers a chance to see Brazil and US art quilts side by side. The Brazil artsts over the years explored the abstract with emphasis on adding depth with embellishments.  While CQA artists created mainly abstract art quilts in early years, they have started moving towards abstract realism often with very little physical depth. 

This show exhibits at American Quilters Socitey shows in Daytona Beach, FL, Feb. 28 - March 3, Lancaster, PA, March 21-24; and Paducah, KY April 18-21, 2018.  It will then travel to La Conner WA, Pacific Northwest Quilt and Fiber Arts Museum, where the Brazil quilts will be shown October through December 2018, and CQA quilts will exhibit November 2018 through January 2019.

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Adalene Ritter, Brazil - Hundertwasser I

Adalene Ritter, Brazil - Origem

Anderson Delfino, Brazil - Eukarionta Protera

Ann Peterson, CQA - LaBelle Nell

Barbara Fox, CQA - Quilt Block (R) Evolution

Barbara Kanaya, CQA - Out of Chaos

Barbara O'Steen, CQA - Moving Towards Extinction?

Bonnie Bucknam , CQA - Bridge Controversy

Bonnie Bucknam, CQA - Tumble

Carla DiPietro, CQA - Tiger in Tall Grass

Carla Stehr, CQA - Coscinodiscus

Carla Stehr, CQA - Fish Skin 3

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, CQA - Fossil Fantasy #1

Cathy Erickson, CQA - Behind the Shoji

Cathy Erickson, CQA - STEPS

Claudia Dias, Brazil - Agua

Claudia Dias, Brazil - Ergos

Claudia Dias, Brazil - Mortem

Claudia Dias, Brazil - Nada Vive

Claudia Dias, Brazil - Obsesso

Dricca Kastraup, Brazil - Alquimia

Dulce Magalhaes, Brazil - Rupestre

Glaucia Lanzellotti, Brazil - A Rosa, os Tijolos e o Caos

Glaucia Lanzellotti, Brazil - Crime e Castigo

Glaucia Lanzellotti, Brazil - Feliz Aniversario

Glaucia Lanzellotti, Brazil - Recomecando

Helen Remick, CQA - Les Fleurs de la Maladie 5.2

Jane Leonetti, Brazil - 2013

Jane Leonetti, Brazil - Exposicao

Jane Leonetti, Brazil - Mariana: Fragmento de Vidas, Sonhos e Lama

Joyce Loss, Brazil - Pitanga

Kristi Leduc, CQA - Enchanted Daisies

Loraine Sample, CQA - Tree Bark

Marie Murphy Wolfe, CQA - She Wondered if She Would Make the Mark

Marilyn Lone, CQA - Fuzzy

Marilyn Lone, CQA - Icy Sunrise

Mary Arnold, CQA - Gossip Girls

Mary Arnold, CQA - Village

Melisse Laing, CQA - Sorok

Nancy Cordry, CQA - Cells

Rute Sato, Brazil - Energias

Ruth Vincent, CQA - Jantar Mantar Revisited

Ruth Vincent, CQA - Portals: Morocco I

Sally Sellers, CQA - Birthday House

Silmara Raya, Brazil - Fireworks

Sonia Grasvik, CQA - Flicker II

Sonia Grasvik, CQA - Steps of Maya

Tesi Vaara, CQA - Shattered Innocence

Valeria Raybolt, Brazil - Pedras Parideiras

Valeria Raybolt, Brazil - Raizes Estrangulantes

Colleen Wise, CQA - Dusk

Joyce Loss, Brazil - Nhanduti

Kristi Leduc, CQA - Passion in Paradise

Selma Dias, Brazil - Percurso