Coming of Age II - Seattle City Hall 2017

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Contemporary QuiltArt Association at an exhibit for Seattle City Hall in the Anne Focke Gallery.  May 4th through July 5th, 2017.

Adjacent Cultures by Nicole McHale

Aftermath by Mary Arnold

Bandoneon by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

Birdsong III: Renewal by Sonia Grasvik

Bits and Pieces by Cheryl Quesnell

Blue Feather for Jean by Sonia Grasvik

Boxed In by Marie Murphy Wolfe

Chickweed, Monkeyflower & Blue-eyed Mary by Ann Peterson

City in the Rain by Lisa Jenni

Congestion on the Highways by Barbara Kanaya

Dancing Feet by Margaret Liston

Diatom 5 by Carla Stehr

Diatom 6 by Carla Stehr

Early Fall Afternoon by Janet Darcher

Fish Skin 1 by Carla Stehr

Frog in the Grass by Mary Arnold

Gems by Bonnie Bucknam

Geranium Fossils - 2217? by Barbara O'Steen

High Desert Yarrow by Marie Murphy Wolfe

Hope by Patricia Belyea

Journey by Loraine Sample

Joyful Motion by Erin Martin

Lifespan:Mary Olite by Patricia Solon

Making Wishes by Jan Thompson

Miss Myra's Step-in' Out by Marcia Mellinger

Nostalgia by Amy Lanset

Overcoming Shame by Tesi Vaara

Pathways 1 by Nicole McHale

Rearview - Nude by Jan Thompson

Rearview-Zebra by Jan Thompson

Reflections by Marie Murphy Wolfe

Six Birds by Margaret Liston

Song at First Light by Sonia Grasvik

Sticks by Lisa Jenni

Tank Farm by Ginnie Hebert

The Emerald City by Patti Bleifuss

The Rainbow City by Susan Smith

Tortoise & Tessellation by Nicole McHale