Imagination Takes Wing - 2003

An Art Quilt Show sponsored by the Contemporary QuiltArt Association and hosted by the Museum of Flight

The idea for Imagination Takes Wing came about in 2003, the centennial year of powered flight. A Museum of Flight member who is also a member of the Contemporary QuiltArt Association was inspired by the fact that much of the Wright Brothers first aircraft, The Wright Flyer, was constructed of fabric. The member thought that a show consisting of fabric art surrounded by aircraft would be interesting to Museum members and visitors. The Museum of Flight was interested in hosting such a show and within this exhibit are several interpretations of the theme: Imagination Takes Wing.

Barbara Nepom - Beyond

Barbara Nepom - Red Sky at Night

Barbara O'Steen - Calling the Pollinators

Bonny Brewer - Back to the Moon

Carla Stehr - Flight over Afognak

Ellin Larimer - Wings

Gayle Bryan - Imagination Takes Wing

Janet Kurjan - Star Fall

Janet Steadman - Return to Go

Janet Steadman - The Good Earth

Jill Scholtens - The Lovebird

Jo Van Patten - Space Debris: A Sampler

Katy Gollahon - White and Black Hole

Laurie Wilkes - Above and Beyond

Linda Lunt - Outward Bound

Lorraine Edmond - Arctic Aerial

Mellise Laing - Messages From Mars: Spirit and Opportunity

Pat Hedwall - Night Flight

Pat Hedwall - Worlds Apart

Patti Shaw - Little Green Men

Patty Hieb - Birthing Peace

Sharon Rowley - Setting Peace in Motion

Sonia Grasvik - Mosaic Butterfly

Sonia Grasvik - Sweetly Sings the Meadow

Suzanne Rohner - Free Fall

Dorothy Ives - Step By Step