Little/BIG at Schack Art Center 2020

CQA of Washington works Big for Schack Art Center’s annual Holiday Show in Everett, WA. Featuring 55 large works for sale, plus 150 small 12"x12" quilts created by our members as donations of affordable art in support of both non-profit arts organizations. Schack Art Center, Everett, WA. November 19, 2020 - January 3, 2021

A Hard Rain by Amy Lanset

Before You Leave This Nest by Jerri Stroud

Bluescape by Barbara Fox

Boxed In by Louise Harris

Canyon #4 by Caryl Fallert-Gentry

Chihuly on the Hot Shop Floor (aka Shattered) by Ginnie Hebert

Coral Skeleton Meets Sea Anemone by Nicole McHale

Corners of My Mind 4 by Barbara Nepom

Corona by Janet Darcher

Covered Bridge by Suzanne Uschold

Crazy Sashiko by Carolyn Maia Burton

Deception Decomposition #2 by Caryl Fallert-Gentry

Detours and Shortcuts by Sonia Grasvik

Diatom 9 by Carla Stehr

Diatom Fiber Sculpture by Carla Stehr

Earth Twenty-Twenty by Geraldine Warner

Eclipses by Nancy Cordry

Enantiomers by Bonny Brewer

Flow by Geraldine Warner

Grandma's Tumbling Garden by Nicole McHale

Groundwater by Ginnie Hebert

Hanging Together by Louise Harris

Influences by Melisse Laing

Journey by Tesi Vaara

Kelp Forest by Ginnie Hebert

Laurel Leaf by Cathy Erickson - Juror

Lyrical by Nancy Cordry

Mad for Plaid by Sonia Grasvik

Made for Swimming by Jerri Stroud

Matariki - Pleiades by Ruth Vincent

Mending the Gap by Lisa Jenni

Midnight Fantasy #11 by Caryl Fallert-Gentry

Moon Rabbit Rose by Nicole McHale

Moor :: Heather by Lisa Jenni - Juror

My Battle with Parkinson: Balance 1 by Melisse Laing

My Battle with Parkinson: Hope by Melisse Laing

Night Sky by Nancy Cordry

Organic Kaleidoscope 1 by Colleen Wise

Pantanal Two by Barbara Kanaya

Pathways by Barbara Fox

Planting Rice - Pleiades by Ruth Vincent

Poppin' Up At Lake Apopka by Jerri Stroud

Radiance by Colleen Wootton

Rising Mountain - Pleiades by Ruth Vincent

Sanctuary by Geraldine Warner

Sea Ice - Cook Inlet by Bonnie Bucknam -juror

Seasonal Branches by Lisa Jenni

Sky's the Limit by Stephanie Ostmann

Slightly Scully by Barbara Nepom

Southwest Columns by Barbara Kanaya

Sun Lanterns by Carolyn Maia Burton

Sunshine Garden by Susan Smith

Tutti-Frutti by Sonia Grasvik

Washington Square by Barbara Kanaya

Yellow Melody by Louise Harris