From Text to Textiles: A Collaborative Art Show - 2010

October 14 to January 8, 2010 at the Cancer Lifeline Center, Seattle, WA

Members of CQA worked with the staff of Seattle’s Cancer Lifeline organization to assemble this exciting art show, displayed at CLL’s Dorothy S. O’Brien Center near Green Lake, October 14, 2009-January 8, 2010. Each creative, colorful art quilt was paired with a poem written by a participant in Cancer Lifeline’s writing program.

Just as the quilt artists were inspired by the thoughts and words of the poets, we hope you will be inspired by viewing these texts and textiles.

Barbara Fox - Telephone Lines

Barbara O'Steen - October

Barbara O'Steen - Wheatfields

Barbara O'Steen - Woodlands

Bonny Brewer - Fences

Bonny Brewer - Bad News

Bonny Brewer - Prism

Donna DeShazo - Quantum Physics

Donna DeShazo - Ripening

Gabrielle McIntosh - Overschedule

Gay Jensen - Sharing Tales

Gay Jensen - The Harbingers

Kathy Manley - Yellow Sunset

Lisa Jenni - Breath Of Time

Louise Harris - Moon Woman

Meg Blau - The Color Of Hope

Melodie Bankers - Tattoo

Patricia Solon - Mary Olite I

Roberta Andresen - Excerpts

Ruth Vincent - Je Me Souviens

Sally Morgan - World Tree II

Sharon Rowley - Studio 55

Sharon Rowley - Yvonne's Gift