Poetry In Translation: Gifts To Gold Mountain - 2002

In 2002, the Seattle Asian Art Museum invited a juried show of CQA artquilts inspired by the poetic Chinese names of exhibition chrysanthemums gifted to the neighboring botanical conservatory. 29 artquilts were in this show, which also included an ikebana display of these beautiful flowers.

Audree DeAngeles - Dharma - Dark Red Threads with Golden Bead

Barbara O'Steen - Garden Sketch

Barbara O'Steen - Plum Blossoms

Bonny Brewer - Mountain Landscapes

Bonny Brewer - Roaring Tiger

Cathy Erickson - Radiance

Colleen Wise - Radiance

Cory Volkert - Sun Rays

Deborah Gregory - Spring Scenery

Dianne Smith - A Fishing Village Shining Under a Colorful Sunse

Donna L.Taylor - Tiger Roaring - Chinese New Year Surprise

Ellin Larimer - Red Mum in Cloud Shape

Giselle Blythe - A Peach Branch with Clear Morning Dew

Janet Kurjan - Sun Rays

Janet Steadman - A New Variety

Judith MacMillan -Golden Hooks Scooping Toward the Moon

Katy Gollahon - Dragonflies

Kristin L. Dukay - Yellow Ball

Linda Lunt - Long Life With Happiness

Margaret Liston - White Hairy Spines

Maria Groat - Unopened Promise

Marie Jensen - Moon Square - Golden Hooks Scooping up for the Moon

Marti Stave - Supernatural Being

Melisse Laing- The Sunlight Falling on the Earth right after Rainfall

Pat Hedwall - Stunning Natural Beauties

Pat Hedwall - Unusual Rock

Patti Shaw - Green Clouds

Patty Hieb - Radiance

Sandy Bosley - Manzanar - Winds Blow through Vast Sky