World View: Social Justice and Social Causes - 2005

This 2005 show is an exhibition of member work within the theme of social justice and social causes displayed at the Gilmartin Gallery of the University Unitarian Church in Seattle. Juried pieces touch on a wide variety of issues, ranging from homelessness to excessive executive compensation.

Barbara O'Steen - Grass Roots

Barbara O'Steen - Just One Hundred Years

Bonny Brewer - Jetsam

Bonny Brewer - World View: Africa

Deborah Gregory - One World, One Village

Deborah Gregory - Winter's Waning

Dorothy Ives - The Bridge Between Anguish and Survival

Gale Whitney - Beyond Belief

Gale Whitney - Power Lunch

Janet Kurjan - Blood and Oil

Janet Steadman - Into The Woods

Jo Van Patten - The Fabrics of Homelessness

Kelli Radcliffe - An Eye For Breasts

Lorraine Edmond - Peace Talks

Maria Groat - Sound Bytes

Miriam Otte - Shooting Our Stars

Patti Shaw - Arshile Gorky

Patti Shaw - Rebecca and Son