New Dimensions in Fiber - 2004

This 2004 show at the Northview Gallery of Portland Community College is a great mix of 2-D and 3-D pieces. Even the 2-D pieces use embellishment and design principles to give the 2-D pieces the appearance of being multidimensional.

Barbara O'Steen - Cliff Penstemon

Barbara O'Steen - The One Left

Debi Harney - Bali Houses

Deborah Gregory - Rising

Deborah Gregory - Sea Circles II

Dorothy Ives - Americas Struggle

Dorothy Ives - Step By Step

Dorothy Ives - Twelve Around One

Gayle Bryan - To Be Queen

Giselle Blythe - Barbi's Mexican Holiday

Giselle Blythe - Giselle y Tellosa X: Cat

Janet Kurjan - Forest Floor II

Jo Van Patten - Clematis, Cultivar

Katy Gollahon - Fringed Vase

Kelli Radcliffe - Sometimes I Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

Kristin Dukay - Dresden Fashion Plate, White

Kristin Dukay - Loon Loony Lunatic

Kristin Dukay - Plastic Surgeon

Lindi Wood - Victory Garden

Lorraine Edmond - Arctic Aerial

Lorraine Edmond - Basin and Range I - Confluence

Melisse Laing - Basalt

Melisse Laing - The Waters of Heaven

Miriam Otte - Counter Balance II

Pat Hedwall - Sailor's Delight

Sally Sellers - The Tyranny of Love

Sonia Grasvik - Passing Go