Motion - 2014

National Quilt Museum
Paducah, Kentucky
November 21, 2014 through February 23, 2015

Our members approached the theme of "Motion" to create quilts representing all levels of change over time, from an instant as a bird takes flight to eons of astronomical time as galaxies shift, as well as changes in which time seems to warp or stand still.

Ann Peterson - Taking Flight

Barbara Fox and Bonny Brewer - Co-Motion

Barbara Kanaya - Yes, No, Maybe

Barbara Nepom - Brownian Motion

Barbara O'Steen - Moving Toward Extinction?

Bonny Brewer - Balance

Carla Stehr - Diatom 7

Carolyn Hitter - Cosmic Dance

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry, juror - Checks and Balances 1

Cathy Erickson - Dragonfly Moon Kimono

Christina Fairley Erickson - Whirling Dervishes

Colleen Wise, juror - October

Cynthia Vogt - Magic Carpet Ride

Erin Martin - Joyful Motion

Helen Remick - YoYo 14: Circle and Square Dance

Janet Kurjan - River of Light

Katherine Sylvan - My Brain at Chuck E. Cheese's

Linda Devereaux - Pearly Shells and Tiny Bubbles

Lisa Jenni - South Of The Border

Lorraine Edmond - Subduction 1

Louise Harris - Orange Twist

Lynne Rigby - Superstition: If You Seat Thirteen

Maria Michurina - Dreams

Marianne Burr, juror - Berry Trifle

Nancy Cordry - Crazy Dang Genes

Patricia Solon - Shards

Patti Bleifuss - Propagation

Roberta Andresen - Transitioning

Ruth Vincent - On the Move

Sally Sellers - Paths

Sharon Rowley - Prayers In Wind

Sonia Grasvik - Slow Motion

Tesi Vaara - Ebey Slough