Patchwork Design 2013

International Invitational

São Paulo, Brazil March 14-16
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 25-27

A good number of individual CQA artists have been invited to participate in the annual "Patchwork Design" show over the past several years. This year, we are proud to have been invited to participate as a group. The selected quilts were nominated by CQA . The show organizers juried the submissions and made the final selection of artists and quilts for this international show.

Bonny Brewer - Close Quarters

Bonny Brewer - Depth

Bonny Brewer - Up Close

Bonny Bucknam - Thicket

Bonny Bucknam - Willow Wood

Bonny Bucknman - Roots

Cathy Erickson - Fantasy Flowers

Cathy Erickson - Radiance

Cathy Erickson - Steps

Colleen Wise - Mom's Missing Marbles

Colleen Wise - Dawn

Colleen Wise - Rainier: Two Views

Debi Harney - Blocks

Debi Harney - Pathways III

Debi Harney - Pathways IV

Donna Hudson - INNOVATE, Inaugurate, Initiate 1

Donna Hudson - Innovate, INAUGURATE, Initiate 2

Donna Hudson - Innovate, Inaugurate, INITIATE 3

Helen Remick - Spinning Out, Spinning In - 1

Helen Remick - Spinning Out, Spinning In - 2

Helen Remick - Spinning Out, Spinning In - 4

Jill Scholtens - Firewall

Jill Scholtens - High Voltage

Jill Scholtens - Lattice

Louise Harris - Breaking Away

Louise Harris - Double Vision

Louise Harris - Syncopation

Lynne Rigby - Superstition: If You Eat a Live Toad

Lynne Rigby - Superstition: If You Seat 13

Lynne Rigby - Superstition: If You Swallow a Watermelon Seed

Marianne Burr - Bonbons

Marianne Burr - Cotton Candy

Marianne Burr - Tango

Mary Arnold - Falls Fire

Mary Arnold - Field of Tulips

Mary Arnold - Hydrangea Branch

Marylee Drake - Gearing Up for the Future

Marylee Drake - Spinning Out of Control

Marylee Drake - Tumbling Cylinders

Melisse Laing - Stick People

Melisse Laing - Stick With Me

Melisse Laing - Walking Sticks

Patti Bleifuss - Bamboo

Patti Bleifuss - Luna

Patti Bleifuss - Winding Road

Ruth Vincent - Jantar Mantar Revisited

Ruth Vincent - Shiraz Bagh Missed

Ruth Vincent - Snowy Night

Sonia Grasvik - Birdsong 1 - Yearning

Sonia Grasvik - Birdsong 3 - Renewal

Sonia Grasvik - Nest And Egg