The Next Fifty - 2012

September 22 to October 21, 2012
International Fountain Pavilion at Seattle Center, Seattle, WA

"Illuminating Today’s Challenges, Imagining Tomorrow’s Possibilities”
Seattle Center 50th Anniversary Celebration

These CQA artists are pleased to be part of the celebration of such an iconic part of Seattle and Washington State. The quilts reflect the artists’ thoughts with both the present and the future.  Visitors can expect an array of contemporary artworks that are united by the relationship of textiles and thread, but also include elements as diverse as metal chain, painting, beadwork, cyanotype blueprinting, copper plumbing, and hand-dyeing.  We hope this will engage you to contemplate today’s challenges and tomorrow’s possibilities in innovation, civic action, and beyond. 

Barbara Nepom - Cross Purposes

Barbara Nepom - Tracks and Traces

Barbara O'Steen - The Next 50 Years? - 1

Barbara O'Steen - The Next 50 Years? - 2

Bonny Bucknam - View Toward Indio

Carla Stehr - Little Things Do Big Things - 1

Carla Stehr - Little Things Do Big Things - 2

Christina Fairley Erickson - Graphene - The Miracle Material

Deborah Babin - Imagine

Deborah Babin - Imagine the People

Deborah Gregory juror - River of Time III

Donna Hudson - INNOVATE, Inaugurate, Initiate #1

Donna Hudson - Innovate, INAUGURATE, Initiate #2

Donna Hudson - Innovate, Inaugurate, INITIATE #3

Helen Remick - Spinning Out, Spinning In - 1

Kathy Cooper - Harmony: All Four Corners of the World

Kathy Cooper - Message from Sea Pens: Clean Ocean

Lisa Jenni - Wild Fire

Lorraine Edmond - Helvetica III, Babble

Louise Harris - T Squared, to Get It Right

Margaret Liston, juror - SAVE

Maria Groat - Mending Fences

Mary Arnold - Field of Tulips

Mary Arnold - Shift

Marylee Drake - Gearing Up for the Future

Melisse Laing - Sorok - Russian Collaboration

Melisse Laing - Sorok dva - Russian Collaboration II

Michelle Miner - Community

Patricia Solon - Intersections and Horizons

Patricia Solon - Triptych: Past, Present, Future

Roberta Andresen - Non-fat, Vanilla

Ruth Vincent, juror - Rain City: Challenges and Possibilities

Sharon Rowley - Orphans Of AIDS

Sharon Rowley - Seventh Generation - Gambling