25 Years of Art Quilting by CQA - 2011

September 22-24, 2011
NW Quilt Expo, at the Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center
2060 N. Marine Drive, Portland, Oregon

A retrospective covering a quarter century of works from Contemporary Quiltart Association members, past and present.

Barbara Nepom - Morning Has Broken

Barbara Nepom - Leaves of Grass

Barbara O'Steen - Fragment

Bonny Brewer - Counterpoint

Bonny Brewer - Leap of Faith

Bonny Bucknam - Geology 4

Cameron Anne Mason - Cotyledon Eight: Ripple

Carla Stehr - Kelp Forest

Carla Stehr - Moonglow Anemone

Carol Jerome - The Long Way Home

Cathy Erickson A Girl's Lace Blouse

Cathy Ericsson - Lace Blouse

Colleen Wise - Solar Energy

Colleen Wise - Bounce

Debi Harney - Chop Wood Carry Water II

Debi Harney - Pathways

Dukay - Loon Loony Lunatic

Elizabeth Ford-Ortiz - Dia de los Muertos

Elizabeth Ford-Ortiz - Fandango

Erika Carter - First Spring

Erika Carter - Nest-XVI

Gale Whitney - Hold Up

Harney Chop Wood II

Helen Remick - Fantastic

Jan Thompson - Making Wishes

Janet Steadman - Bar Hopping

Jenni Precious Metal

Jill Scholtens - September View

Joyce Becker - Fantasy Forest

Karen Perrine - Pool-IV

Karen Perrine - Wintercreek

Karin Carter - By The Lake

Katy Gollahon - Dark Red Threads with Gold Beads

Katy Gollahon - Seeing Red II

Kristin Dukay - Zippered Stripes Nos. 1-5, 7

Lewis Oysters

Lisa Jenni - City In The Rain

Lisa Jenni - Precious Metal

Lorraine Torrence - Nemos Ecstasy

Lorraine Torrence - Passions and Plans

Lynn Woll - Doddlealis I

Lynne Rigby - Standing on my Head

Margot Lovinger - Surprise

Maria Groat - Under Boardwalk

Mary Arnold - Hydrangea Branch

Mary Lewis - Oysters

Meg Blau - For the Love of Moses Coulee

Meg Blau - Beauty of Decay - Lichens

Melisse Laing - Sorok-dva

Melisse Laing - Square in a Square

Melodie Bankers - Misty Morning-February

Nepom Leavesof Grass

Pat Oden - Southwest

Rachel Brumer - May

Roberta Andresen - Impressions

Roberta Andresen - Transitioning

Sally Sellers - Irregular Thought Pattern

Sally Sellers - The Tyranny of Love

Sandy Bosley - Beach Walk

Sharon Rowley - Setting Peace In

Sharon Rowley - Setting Peace in Motion

Sonia Grasvik - Clematis Montana

Toot Reid - Eighteen

Toot Reid - Nineteen