Beyond Convention - 2010

January 16 - April 5, 2010
at Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA,
and April 7 - June 1, 2010 at Harborview Medical Center

CQA artists were delighted to return to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center with their new exhibit Beyond Convention. These pieces illustrate the wide variety of inspiration and techniques that continue to flow from the creative minds of CQA members. Following the exhibit at the Convention Center, the majority of the quilts were also displayed at Seattle's Harborview Hospital.

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Barbara Fox - Hangover II

Barbara Nepom - Office Visit

Barbara O'Steen - Blues Riff

Bonny Brewer - Conjured Kanji

Cameron Anne Mason - A Artist Mother

Carol To - Arial View 1

Carol To - Arial View 2

Debi Harney - Blocks

Debi Harney - Dots

Deborah Gregory - Ruedas

Deborah Gregory - Whirlpool Galaxy

Deborah Jaffe - Louisiana Levees

Diane Marie Chaudiere - Hide and Seek

Donna DeShazo - Balance/Unbalance

Giselle Blythe - Postcards from the Rain Forest

Janet Foster - Sharman II

Janet Kurjan - Forest Depths II

Janet Kurjan - Homage

Jo Van Patten - For Fred

Kristine Service - Blowing in the Wind

Lisa Jenni - Breath Of Time

Lorraine Edmond - Not a Message

Louise Harris - The Long and Short Of It

Lynne Rigby - Superstition I, If You Eat A Live Frog

Maura Donegan - Reflections

Melisse Laing - Beauty Is Only Skin Deep

Melodie Bankers - Fall at Lake Cushman

Melodie Bankers - November At Lake Tahoe

Pat Hedwall - Threads

Patty Hieb - Sticks and Stones

Roberta Andresen - Transitioning

Roberta Andresen - Five Squared

Susan Juntunen - Golden Section Moon