Look Out - 2009

For 21 years the members of the Contemporary QuiltArt Associaltion have been looking outside traditional quilting and delighting audiences with their fresh, creative approaches to a time-honored art. "Look Out", at the Edmonds Library and Frances Anderson Center, features the newest work of CQA members as they look out at the world and capture glimpses in two and 3-dimensional art.

Barbara O'Steen - Emerging

Bonny Brewer - Reflections

Cameron Anne Mason - Leaf Vessel

Cameron Anne Mason - Shibori Vessel

Diane Marie Chaudiere - Life's Ebb

Diane Marie Chaudiere - Look Out

Gay Jensen - Solitude

Jeanette Schurr - Grape Arbor

Jo Van Patten - Crosshatch

Jo Van Patten - Prize Blue

Lorraine Edmond - Green Flash

Louise Harris - Interconnections

Louise Harris - Structure

Margaret Wheeler - Maui Ocean Center

Mary Lewis - The Orchard

Melisse Laing - Green Vessel

Melisse Laing - Purple Vessel

Sonia Grasvik - Speed of Light

Susan Juntunen - Silk Moon Shadow Dance