Coming of Age - 2007

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Contemporary QuiltArt Association in 2007, "Coming of Age" appeared at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle, WA, and expected 100,000 visitors. This exhibition was juried by three nationally recognized artists: Rachel Brumer, Layne Goldsmith and Karen Soma.

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Barbara Nepom - Irrational Exuberance

Barbara O'Steen - Trees-1

Bonny Brewer - Counterpoint

Carla Stehr - Moonglow Anemone

Carol Jerome - Relentless

Catherine Hoesterey - Two Worlds One Heart

Cory Volkert - Oil on Water

Cory Volkert - Summer Day

Debi Harney - Patina

Deborah Gregory - Ancient Forms: Lost and Found

Deborah Gregory - Particle and Wave

Ellin Larimer - Transition Two

Ellin Larimer - Tumult

Gayle Bryan - Supplications/Expectations

Giselle Blythe - Cat vs. Dragon

Giselle Blythe - Evolution: Glyptodont

Giselle Blythe - Thicket

Gretchen Echols - Seasons of the Muse: Mutability

Janet Kurjan - Plum Tango II

Jo Van Patten - November Night

Karen Soma, Juror - Emergence

Katy Gollahon - Seeing Red II

Layne Goldsmith, Juror - Study for Babel I

Lisa Jenni - City in the Rain

Lorraine Edmond - Geodes III

Lorraine Edmond - Summer in the City

Margot Lovinger - Untitled with Rose

Marianne Burr - Millifiori IV

Marie Jensen - Blink

Marie Jensen - Water's Edge

Mary Berdan - Forever Connected

Mary Lewis - Fort Worden Reflection

Mary Lewis - Oysters

Melisse Laing - Whirlpool

Miriam Otte - Missing Her

Mirianne Burr - Lovely Lily

Pat Hedwall - Plugged - Unplugged

Pat Hedwall - Sea Shore

Patti Shaw - Thirty-five

Patty Hieb - Queen of the Night

Peter Gaunce - African Beauty

Rachel Brumer, Juror - Bifolium

Sharon Rowley - Shimmy

Sonia Grasvik - As For Me

Sonia Grasvik - Butterfly Blue

Sonia Grasvik - I Be Hoppin