Membership is open to residents of Washington state. Click here to view a Membership Application. Print it, fill it in, and mail it to the address printed on the form, or bring it to a CQA meeting. See a quick summary of membership benefits on the Dues page, where new and current members can use PayPal to pay dues. The membership period extends from April through March of the following year. The current year expires 3/31/16.

Many CQA member provide contact information here
for those want to learn more about that individual artist's work.
See our Members' Gallery for more samples of work by individuals.


Laila Adams

Roberta Andresen    
Mary Arnold    
Deborah Babin  
Abbi Barden    
Patricia Belyea
Mary Berdan      
Meg Blau    
Patti Bleifuss    
Bonny Brewer      
Bonnie Bucknam
Pat Budge  
Marianne Burr  
Anne Cook      
Kathy Cooper    
Nancy Cordry    
Flora Dalglish    
Shannon Day    
Donna DeShazo    
Linda Devereaux    
Carla DiPietro    
Marilynn Dondero-Rich        
Marylee Drake    
Roslyn Duffy    
Lorraine Edmond    
Cathy Erickson  
Christina Fairley Erickson  
Joanne Fall      
Caryl Fallert-Gentry  
Barbara J. Fox      
Marilyn Fries    
Sonia Grasvik    
Deborah K. Gregory    
Kate Grieshabor    
Kris Hall    
Louise Harris      
Ginnie Hebert   
Pat Hedwall    
Deena Heg    
Carolyn Higgins    
Carolyn Hitter    
Donna Hudson    
Rosie Huntemann    
Lynne Ingalls    
Julie Jacobson    
Lisa Jenni  
Deborah Jaffe    
Gay Jensen  
Helen Johnston    
Barbara Kanaya    
Barbara Knight    
Jane Koura    
Janet Kurjan  
Melisse Laing    
Amy Lanset      
Kristi Leduc    
Mary A. Lewis    
Margaret Liston    

Marilyn Lone    
Margot Lovinger  
Barbara Lovseth    
Lucy A. Lowry    
Linda Lunt    
Deborah L. J. MacKinnon    
Ann Maki  
Melissa McGill    
Melody McGinnis      
Gerry A. McGowen    
Nicole McHale      
Salli McQuaid  
Marcia Mellinger    
Julie Moberly  
Sally Morgan    
Barbara Nepom  
Barbara J. O'Steen    
Ann G. Peterson    
Cheryl Quesnell    
Helen Remick
Louise Reed    
Susan Repp    
Emily Robertson Hood    
Lynne Rigby    
Sharon Rowley  
Deborah Galvin Rychert    
Jill Scholtens    
Sally Sellers  
Lynn Serack    
Kristine Service    
Patti Shaw  
Lin Sierra    
Barbara Simpson    
Susan Smith    
Pat Solon    
Carol Sorvig    
Kat Stahl    
Janet Steadman  
Carla Stehr     
Cynthia Stentz        
Sally Strawn    
Katherine Sylvan    
Deb Taylor    
Carol To    
Sandy Tribotti    
Tesi Vaara    
Jo Van Patten      
Marissa Vignali    
Ruth Vincent      
Cynthia L. Vogt    
Gail Wax    
Margaret Clarke Wheeler    
Colleen Wise  
Lynda Wolf      
Cyndi Wolfe    
Marie Wolfe    
Lynn Woll  
Colleen Wootton  

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