Water`s Edge - 2005

Contemporary QuiltArt Association members were inspired by seas and streams – their many facets and inhabitants – for "Water’s Edge," a juried exhibition held in 2005 at the Seattle Aquarium, a popular waterfront destination focusing on marine life and the natural wonders of the Puget Sound.

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Audree DeAngeles - Jelly Float

Barbara O'Steen - Emerging

Bonny Brewer - A Drop In The Bucket

Cameron Anne Mason - Stream and Variations

Carla Stehr - Immersed in the Caribbean

Carla Stehr - Kelp Forest

Carol Barton Jerome - Frutti di Mare II

Cory Volkert - Kelp I

Cory Volkert - Light Into The Deep

Darcy Faylor - Flow I

Donna DeShazo - Flowers of Coral

Gayle Bryan - To Swim In The Light

Janet Kurjan - Kelpbed II

Judith MacMillan - Coral Reef

Judith MacMillan - Upstream II

Katy Gollahon - Cat Dreams

Maria Groat - Myth, Magic and Mystery

Marie Jensen - Harbor

Mary Berdan - Ballet de Mer (Ballet of the Sea)

Melisse Laing - Dendronepthya - Coral Reef

Miriam Otte - Moonglow II

Patty Hieb - Turtle Totem

Sharon Rowley - Starfish Dance

Sonia Grasvik - Big Fish, Little Fish

Sonia Grasvik - The Jelly