Patchwork Design 2014

International Invitational Exhibit
Centro de Convenções Frei Caneca, São Paulo, March 20-22
Clube Monte Líbano, Rio de Janeiro, April 24-26.

Once again, we are delighted to be invited as a group to submit entries to this prestigious exhibit. Fourteen of our members were tapped for participation by the show organizers in Brazil. Congratulations to all.

Barbara Kanaya - Circle Play I

Barbara Kanaya - Circle Play II

Barbara Kanaya - Circle Play III

Barbara Kanaya - Matsutake Haven

Barbara Kanaya - Shoji

Bonny Bucknam - Early Bloomer

Bonny Bucknam - Geology 4

Bonny Bucknam - Geology 8

Carla Stehr - Diatom 1: Coscinodiscus

Carla Stehr - Diatom 2

Carla Stehr - Diatom 5

Cathy Erickson - Dragonfly Moon Kimono

Cathy Erickson - Spring

Cathy Erickson - Caverna Magica

Christina Fairley Erickson - Moulin Rouge Deux

Christina Fairley Erickson - Seeking Sunlight

Erickson Dreams.- Bunny Dreams

Helen Remick - YoYo14: Circle and Square Dance

Helen Remick - YoYo15: Triangle and Square Dance

Helen Remick - YoYo9: Pinwheel Evolution

Kathy Cooper - Portals of the Universe

Kathy Cooper - Split Realities

Kathy Cooper - The Law Of Attraction

Maria Michurina - Blue Mood 4

Maria Michurina - Blue Moon 2

Maria Michurina - In Bloom

Mary Arnold - Belles Fleurs

Melisse Laing - Record Rainfall

Melisse Laing - Sustantivo

Melisse Laing - Whirlpool

Nancy Cordry - Color All Around

Nancy Cordry - Stripes of Different Colors

Nancy Cordry - Triangular Colors

Patricia Solon - Dancing in the Streets

Patricia Solon - Downtown

Patricia Solon - November Dawn

Patti Bleifuss - Expanding Universe

Patti Bleifuss - Gathering Storm

Patti Bleifuss - Water World

Roberta Andresen - Buttons

Roberta Andresen - Scissors

Roberta Andresen - Spools