Journeys - 2012

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, SeaTac, WA,
May 13, 2012 through January 30, 2013

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Barbara Fox - Hangover III

Barbara Fox - Sangria

Barbara Kanaya - Chaco Canyon

Barbara O'Steen - Wheatfields

Bonnie Bucknam - Geology 4

Bonny Brewer and Barbara Fox - Complements I

Bonny Brewer and Barbara Fox - The Missing Piece

Christina Fairley Erickson - Caverna Magica

Christina Fairley Erickson - Moulin Rouge dans la Nuit

Colleen Wise - Mali

Colleen Wise - Rainier: Two Views

Debi Harney - Pathways

Donna Hudson - Glimpse of Time

Donna Hudson - Tahoma

Jan Thompson - Rear View Series: Zebra

Jennifer Livingston - Leaving Denali

Jill Scholtens - Romelia I

Kathy Cooper - East Meets West

Kathy Manley, juror - Canyon Walls

Lisa Jenni - Golden Gate

Lisa Jenni, juror - Winter

Lynne Rigby - I Wish My Umbrella Was a Palm

Marcia Mellinger - Miss Myra's Steppin' Out

Marcia Mellinger - Miss Rana's Super Frog Cape

Margaret Liston - Fumi

Maria Michurina - Railway

Marie Jensen - As the Crow Flies

Marie Jensen - Chickadee

Marie Jensen - Pulse

Marie Jensen - Water's Edge II

Marylee Drake - Sunflowers

Melisse Laing - Healing I

Melodie Bankers - Lake Cushman Overlook, Fall

Roberta Andresen - Impressions

Roberta Andresen - Release

Roberta Andresen - Safari

Roxane Stoner - Catching a Ride

Roxane Stoner - Freedom

Ruth Vincent - Cosmic Gardens: Shalimar Lost

Ruth Vincent - Portals Portugal

Sharon Rowley - Prayers In The Wind