From the Ground Up - 2011

Elisabeth C. Miller Library, Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 N.E. 41st Street, Seattle
December 3, 2010 to January 28, 2011


Were you frustrated this summer with the cool weather and poor showing in your garden?  Do you love fabrics, color, texture and all things botanical?  The Contemporary QuiltArt Association has just the answer for you.  From the Ground Up is an exhibit of stunning pieces by local textile artists.  The seasons at Lake Cushman, leaves and their shadows, a delicate garden path, and seeds of all types will be on display.

Andi Shannon - Morning Light

Andi Shannon - Spring Tundra

Barbara Fox - Sangria

Barbara Nepom - Seeds of Change

Barbara O'Steen - Garden Sketch 3

Barbara O'Steen - Trailhead

Bonny Brewer - Full Circle

Bonny Brewer - Stomata

Bonny Bucknam - Geology 6:Path

Bonny Bucknam - Spring Crocus

Carla Stehr - Hidden in the Water Garden

Colleen Wise - Leaf Sampler

Deborah Gregory - January II

Deborah Gregory - May

Diane Becka - Foxglove

Donna DeShazo - Clematis and Roses

Giselle Blythe - Remains of Autumn

Lisa Jenni - Alice's Garden

Lynne Rigby, juror - I Wish My Umbrella Was a Palm

Marti Stave - Before the Frost

Melisse Laing - Autumn Leaves

Melisse Laing - Let the Sunshine In

Melodie Bankers - Fall at Lake Cushman

Melodie Bankers - Spring at Lake Cushman

Melodie Bankers - Summer at Lake Cushman

Melodie Bankers - Winter at Lake Cushman

Mercia Mellinger - Skunk Cabbage Vest

Roberta Andresen - Transitioning

Sharon Rowley - Lotus Pool

Sonia Grasvik - Clematis Montana

Sonia Grasvik - Garden Gal...Digs It...In Spades