Beyond the Block - 2009

November 11 - December 31, 2009 at Seattle City Hall, Seattle, WA

One of the largest exhibits CQA completed in 2009 is this collection on display in Seattle’s City Hall. The show is spread over two locations—the City Hall Lobby Gallery, where each piece is displayed in a “jewel-box” Plexiglas frame, and the Anne Focke Gallery, comprising a 120-foot hallway. City Hall is located between 4th and 5th avenues and Cherry and James streets.

Barbara Fox - Circle Cycling I

Barbara Nepom - Elemental

Barbara Nepom - Mimi Spirits

Barbara O'Steen - Terwilliger Curves

Barbara O'Steen - Trees 2

Bonny Brewer - Fractured Cat

Cameron Anne Mason - Strata I

Carol To - Buildings 1

Carol To - Construction I

Deborah Gregory - January II

Deborah Gregory - Traces II

Diane Marie Chaudiere - Carefree Choreography

Diane Marie Chaudiere - Connections

Gabrielle McIntosh - Change 2

Gabrielle McIntosh - Life

Gay Jensen - Edge Of Night

Janet Foster - Shamen I

Janet Kurjan - Kelpbed II

Janet Kurjan - Red Rock Canyon I

Jo Van Patten - July

Jo Van Patten - Space Debris: A Sampler

Lynne Rigby - Homeless Man

Margaret Liston - Uka

Marie Jensen - Blues

Marie Jensen - Small House, Big Yard

Mary Arnold - Through Ancient Portals

Meg Blau - Romantic Venus

Meg Blau - The Beauty of Decay - Lichens

Melisse Laing - In Circle

Melisse Laing - Structure

Pat Budge - Fissure

Patti Shaw - Portrait Sampler

Patty Hieb - Moyobamba Orchidacea

Patty Hieb - Tulip Bowl

Rachel Brumer - If Blossoms Do

Roberta Andresen - Non-fat, No Foam, Vanilla

Sharon Rowley - Bearing Fruit

Sonia Grasvik - Happy Trails

Sonia Grasvik - Praise Ye Now Our Gardens Green