Holiday Show - 2009

November 12 - December 31, 2009 at the Monte Cristo Hotel, Everett, WA

Built in 1892 and now on the national register of historic places, the Monte Cristo Hotel in downtown Everett, WA, is home to the Arts Council of Snohomish County. The Hotel was a exciting new venue for CQA, as this exhibit was mounted to usher in the holiday season in November, 2009. The sophisticated Italian Renaissance styling of the Hotel's lobby and balcony display areas provided a perfect backdrop for the more than 30 art quilts displayed.

Barbara Nepom - Life Lines

Barbara Nepom - Lost Horizons

Barbara O'Steen - Fragment

Barbara O'Steen - Tumbleweeds

Bonny Brewer - Confetti

Bonny Brewer - Geology 8

Bonny Brewer - Poinsettia

Bonny Bucknam - Delta

Bonny Bucknam - Fracture

Carol To - Constructions 2

Deborah Gregory - January

Diane Marie Chaudiere - Curiosity

Donna DeShazo - It Started With Tiles

Gabrielle McIntosh - Pulled Apart

Gabrielle McIntosh - Pulled Apart at the Seams

Gay Jensen - Lifted by the Light

Gay Jensen - The Sentinel

Janet Kurjan - Fossil Bed

Janet Kurjan - Woodlands II

Jeanette Schurr - Copper Sunset

Louise Harris - Cranberry Sunset

Louise Harris - Overriding Currents

Marlene Schurr - Fallen Leaves

Melisse Laing - Sorok Minus Devyat

Melisse Laing - Square in a Square

Patti Shaw - Woodland Spirit

Roberta Andresen - Autumn Uplift

Roberta Andresen - Soundings

Sharon Rowley - Shimmy

Sonia Grasvik - Sensing a Journey

Sonia Grasvik - The Jelly