Quilt. Fiber. Art. - 2006

Contemporary QuiltArt Association members are kicking off their 2006 exhibition year in the Washington Center for Performing Arts in the state capitol of Olympia, WA. In "Quilt. Fiber. Art.", a juried show, 24 artists have contributed outstanding work that will be visited by over 4,000 art enthusiasts during Olympia‘s ArtsWalk.

Barbara Fox - Gridwork I

Barbara Nepom - Depth Charge

Barbara O'Steen - Fragment

Cameron Anne Mason - Into the Deep

Carol Olsen - Opal

Cathy Erickson - Bunny Dreams

Cory Volkert - Caliente

Deborah Gregory - Earth and Air

Dorothy Ives - Voices Rising

Ellin Larimer - Noon

Giselle Blythe - Evolution: Glyptodont

Janet Kurjan - Moonrocks

Janet Steadman - 2701 Candles

Janet Steadman - And All That Jazz

Jo Van Patten - Double Crossed

Jo Van Patten - Scheherazade

Judith MacMillan - February Walk

Lisa Jenni - Precious Metal

Lynn Woll - Crossroads I

Miriam Otte - Counter Balance II

Pat Hedwall - Opus VII

Pat Hedwall - Sailor's Delight

Patti Shaw - Centripetal Force

Patty Hieb - Stinko Plant

Sharon Rowley - Chakras

Sonia Grasvik - Royal Offering

Sonia Grasvik - Speed of Light