Winter`s Warmth - 2005

This 2005 show is a return to the Penn Cove Pottery venue with a juried selection of CQA artists displaying their creations based on the theme of Winter‘s Warmth inspirations. Here is what Winter‘s Warmth meant to these seventeen artists.

Barbara O'Steen - Longing for Long Sunny Days (before Winter Solstice)

Bonny Brewer - PiR

Carol Olsen - Lattice Works VI

Cory Volkert - Caliente

Darcy Faylor - Supernova

Deborah Gregory - One World, One Village

Ellin Larimer - Fire

Janet Kurjan - Plum Pudding

Janet Steadman - South

Judith MacMillan - Acid Greens/Raging Reds, Complements Attract I

Kathy Manley - Inner Strength

Linda Lunt - Fire Glow

Marie Jensen - Small House, Big Yard

Marie Jensen - 28 Moons

Melisse Laing - Messages From Mars: Spirit and Opportunity

Pat Hedwall - Pepper Pot

Patti Shaw - Mosaic

Patty Hieb - Linear Thinking