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Colleen Wootton - SEEING RED

Colleen Wootton - SEEING RED

Artist Statement: The aim of my art quilt is to engage the viewer with the idea that the color RED can evoke emotions in people through the power and subtleties of the color. Red can evoke passionate love, seduction, violence, danger, anger, and adventure, while lighter versions can signify romance, love and friendship, and denotes feminine qualities. What does RED say to you?

Materials & Techniques: The process of making my art quilts is a step into the future, using computer technology to create original designs on digitally printed fabric, integrating traditional quilt stitching and embroidery to create texture and definition on the designs’ surface. The top is made of custom digitally printed organic cotton, with heirloom batting sandwiched in the middle, and cotton fabric on the back

Dimensions: 25" X 25.75"

Photographer: Colleen Wootton