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Image of "2+2" quilt by Colleen Wootton
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Artist Statement: By distilling my creative ideas down to simple geometric forms, I can make pieces that have a strong impact through color, scale or bold shapes. Drawing inspiration from the clarity of line in work by color field painters like Gene Davis, Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly, my geometric textile designs are infused with many elements including color, pattern, repetition and an attraction to shapes in human made structures.

Materials & Techniques: Unlike traditional quilts, mine start with designs drawn using creative programs on the computer, I then have this art digitally printed on fabric. The printed fabric is the top layer of each quilt, with batting sandwiched between the top and backing material, and extensive stitching is done on the surface creating a rich texture on the finished quilt.

Dimensions: 41"W x 41"H

Photographer: Trevor Pearson Photography