Image of quilt titled “Je Me Souviens” by Ruth Vincent

I miss open sky

I miss open sky
wheatfields that stretch out forever
sunsets in deep jeweled colors
dew glistening in the meadow
the sweetness of rich black earth in my hands
puddles in red mud from summer storms
sitting on the back steps of a farmhouse
watching a storm roll in from the horizon
feeling the thunder in my bones
waking up on summer mornings to sunrise over the pond
lying naked in scratchy weeds on lazy afternoons
the squishy smooth dolphin feel of waders
pressing the weight of water against my skin
days of sunshine that last forever

— Caerdwyn


Artist Statement: Je me souviens means I remember and the poem, I miss open sky, created a vision and feeling of being in a remembered place of sky and fields.  I like to use a variety of techniques to capture the feeling of being in this place.

Materials & Techniques: Hand-dyed and painted cotton (Procion & Setacolor), rayon and cotton thread, beads, oil stick. Dyeing, painting, quilting, couching, beading, oil-stick rubbing.

Size: 29.5"W x 45"H