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Image of "View of the Sound" quilt by Susan Smith
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Artist Statement: Hoping to see a pod of Orcas frolicking around the Island, birds hovering in the air, the wake of the ferry churning the water, waves gently caressing the shore, the canvas cargo net that drape over the open spaces to keep cars and passengers safe are like windows to the Island. The breeze gently sways and shapes the net, providing beautiful views of the sound, with a new perspective with each movement.

Materials & Techniques: I painted the background fabric and the backing fabric with Jacquard and Setacolor fabric paints. The embossed paisley Minky, has the perfect combination of texture and dimension for the cargo net. The buckles hold the net in place but, allow it to move in the breeze.

Dimensions: 50"W x 38"H

Photographer: Susan Smith