Like many art quilters who exhibit, Bonny wrestled with the issue of protecting her quilts as they went to shows: not only how to protect her quilts from shipping and handling mishaps, but also how to ensure that all the pieces of her quilt wrap came back to her at the end of the show. The answer, of course, had to be a one-piece wrap.

When Bonny worked out a solution that satisfied her in 2009, she graciously shared her design to her fellow CQA members, handing out a carefully written and clearly illustrated instructions for making the one-piece wrap and demonstrating with samples.

Link to article on making the quilt wrap
Click here to open the original CQA handout of Bonny's instructions.

The document is formatted to open in Adobe Reader, a free application available on the Adobe Systems website.

A revised version of Bonny's instructions appeared as an article in The American Quilter Magazine in their May, 2010 issue. That article is expected to be available for on-line viewing sometime in 2012.