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Carla Stehr - Diatom 8

Carla Stehr - Diatom 8

Artist Statement: I like the challenge of using fabric, paint and stitch to reveal the stunning complexity of microscopic patterns.  Diatoms are tiny, single-celled plants, that can only be seen with a microscope. This piece is inspired by a diatom surface pattern that I photographed with a scanning electron microscope during my career as a Marine Biologist.

Materials & Techniques: Three layers of hand dyed cotton fabric were used. The top two layers were fused to Ecofelt and openings were made to show the layers below.  Free motion stitching was used around each opening and to stitch the three layers together. Several coats of transparent fabric paint were added to the surface after stitching.

Dimensions: 33.5" x 28"

Photographer: Carla Stehr